Janet Jackson Tour 2016 – Our Pop Diva Is Back!

There aren’t a whole lot of concerts going on right now, but a pop star whose career has spanned decades is back in the saddle and ready to play shows for all her fans! The all new Janet Jackson tour 2016 is coming to a town near you soon! She is already playing shows, and she has dates scheduled all the way into the summer of next year. If you want to see this amazing singer perform for you live make sure you get some tickets to our all new unbreakable tour!

Although she just got started playing the initial shows of her concert, so many people wanted to see the performance that she has already had to add additional shows. This is certainly an exciting announcement for all of the Janet fans out there. It’s been several years since we have had chance to see this amazing diva sing her heart out live on stage. Not only is she already playing concerts in 2015, we have all been blessed to be given the opportunity to see these shows all the way deep into next year which is 2016.

When a star the caliber of this goes on the road, the more chances you have to see the show the better. She has over 100 performances scheduled and she will be visiting at least about 40 cities. If you add in the all-new second leg to these numbers you’re looking at even higher ones! Initially, she was only planning to go until November and wrap things up at her Honolulu show. Now that she seen just how much the crowds have missed her though, she has added a bunch of new shows. Right now, the new final date for the Janet Jackson tour 2016 will be on June 25 in New York.

If you’re looking for a way to get better prices on her tickets one thing that you can try his buying her new album. Everyone gets a copy of her brand-new CD will have the opportunity to get their hands on some lower-priced seats. This chance is it going to exist forever though, so be sure that you get her album as soon as you can so you can get some better deals on tickets are concert. Besides the special deals she gives to her fans who have purchased her CDs, there is no other way to get good deals on tickets except to keep your eyes peeled and strike when the prices are right.

She will be doing some new things this time around that we have never seen Janet do, and not only that she will be doing some new stuff that most other musicians also never do! A once in a lifetime chance! First of all if you’re one of the lucky people who were able to get access to her CD through pre-ordering, you were already treated to a brand-new song that no one else was able to get. This is one of the best tracks on her new album, so you’ll certainly want to purchase it now that it’s already out. Not only will you have chances to get access to brand-new music that no one else has ever seen or heard before, there are also special things taking place at the actual shows themselves.

If you got in on the pre-ordering of her brand-new CD you are automatically entered to receive some VIP tickets, that would be quite a treat! There are also other opportunities for prizes like checking out all of the awards that she has one when you go to the show, another great prize is that you’ll be able to give a personal message to Janet just moments before she finally goes up on stage. There are no other artists out there will allow you personal access directly to them when they are preparing for a show! You’ll definitely never have another chance like this again!

The Janet Jackson tour 2016 doesn’t come along very often. She often takes multiyear breaks in between her trips on the road, so you can never be sure if or when you have the chance to see her amazing stage presence again. Seize this opportunity while it exists! All of the special bonuses that are possible along with the amazing performance you are guaranteed provides a great value for anyone who gets a seat to these shows!